Methods to Fix DNS Probe Finished No Internet Error

dns probe finished no internet

This problem is a common internet problem. Many users report that they get this issue timely. Usually it occurs because of an error with the default DNS server that your device or computer is using. 

So, are you having Dns Probe Finished No Internet error while you are trying to browse the internet? I know it is really frustrating. You might not find much help online. But, if you try methods written below to fix the issue, you may succeed. 

Ways to Fix DNS Probe Finished No Internet Issues

So here are some of the promising ways to deal with it. 

dns probe finished no internet
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  1. Change DNS Address To Open DNS

This worked for me pretty good. All I have done is, I changed my PCs automatically obtained DNS server address to Open DNS. All you have to do is, right-click on your network icon from the window taskbar and then click on the network and sharing center. 

After that, go to ‘local area connection’ and click on it, then from the new window click ‘Properties’. Then just select ‘Internet Protocol version 4’ and tap properties again. 

Moreover, open the new window and then select the radio button that says ‘Use the following DNS server address’. After that, in the preferred DNS server box type in 208. 67.222.222 and in the alternate DNS server box type in and then check the box that says ‘validate settings upon exit’ then at last hit Ok.

Hence, this will change your computer DNS server and addresses to Open DNS which is one of the most trustworthy free DNS servers out there.

  1. Using Command Prompt

You can use a simple command line to put an end to this error. 

Firstly, open Windows command by typing ‘cmd’ in the search box and press enter. Moreover, you can also use the shortcut keys ‘Window key + R’ then type cmd in the search box and hit enter. This will open up the command prompt and after opening it, type in or copy and paste the following code. 

Secondly, press enters and then restart your computer. It will solve the DNS Probe Finished No Internet error and hopefully finish no internet error. 

However, if the command line above does not fix the issue then your IP address may also cause the connection issue and you can release the IP address may also cause the connection issue. Besides this you can also release the IP and renew it which might solve the problem. 

For instance, open the command prompt again and type in ipconfig / release and press enter. Once it is done, type ipconfig / release again and hit enter. 

Moreover, make sure that there is a space between Ipconfig and forward slash. After that, it will flush the DNS that could be a solution to your issue. 

Now, open up the command prompt again and type in ipconfig/ flush and press enter.  Once you are done with all the commands given above then restart your computer.

  1. Clear, Cache, Reinstall Your Browser

First of all you need to know how to clear cache in Chrome. It is very simple and quick to clear cache in Google chrome browser. Just click on the customize and control button on the top right corner and then select ‘setting’. After that, scroll down and click on ‘advanced setting’. Select the ‘Clear browsing data’ under the privacy section.

Moreover, in the new window check the box that says Cookies and other sites and Plugin data. Besides this, also check Cached Images and Files. After that, click on ‘Clear browsing data’. 

Secondly, how to clear cache in Firefox. To clear the cache in Mozilla Firefox you have to follow some very simple steps. Click on history then clear recent history. After that, click on details check cache and cookies from here and then click on clear now.

Furthermore, you can also try re-installing the browser and check if it resolved the issue. On the other hand, another option would be installing a new browser that you have not used earlier like Opera or Safari.

  1. Check Internet Security Setting And Firewall

There are also chances that your internet security software for Firewall may be blocking specific websites for security reasons. For instance, make sure to check the Internet security software setting and Firewall. 

Apart from these be aware that you accidentally do not visit any malicious website blocked by your firewall.

dns probe finished no internet


Many users complain and criticize this common internet problem. This DNS Probe Finished No Internet error comes due to some default settings. Or, it is also caused because of the usage of some applications. Although, it is not a big problem to worry about, you can easily fix this error through some methods.

Different people get this problem in various ways. That’s why, here I have provided you with several methods to fix the errors in your Windows 7, 8, or 10 computers. 

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