Details About Anime “Kiss Him, Not Me” Characters

kiss him not me characters

Kiss Him, Not Me is a Manga series. The people of Japan know this series as Boys, Please Kiss Him Instead Of Me. This series is a Japanese romantic comedy show. Since 2013, Kodansha has been publishing this series on Bessatsu Friend magazine. 

Crunchyroll published it in English for online releases and Kodansha USA released it in print. The Manga won the Best Shoujo Manga at the 40th Manga Awards of Kodansha. 

The Kiss Him, Not Me Characters are amazing. They have shown very nicely and defined characters. So, this article is a treat for fans of the series’ characters.

Kiss Him, Not Me Characters 

kiss him not me characters

The Kiss Him, Not Me Characters are astonishing. I am going to discuss some characters of this series here.

Kae Serinuma 

Kae Serinuma is later known as Kae Mutsumi.  She is the main protagonist of the series. Also, she is a full-fledged Fujoshi and Otaku and the daughter of Mitsuko Serinuma and Hideo Serinuma. In addition, she is the younger sister of Takuro Serinuma. 

In the Manga, she is the wife of Asuma Mutsumi and Shion Mutsumi’s mother.

  • Her Appearance 
kiss him not me characters

They showed Kae to have small eyes at first that her oversized, circular glasses and collarbone length dark hair covered. Usually, she puts it into low pigtails. At that time, the most noticeable feature of hers was her overweight body. Unlike her best friend and other girls, she rather had a round body figure, which Nozomu Nanashima said to be like a “cushion”.

Kae lost a lot of pounds as she gained an eye-catching figure. Notably, she had large breasts, which looks like she got when she was chubbier. 

After that, she started to wear her hair down. When she stopped wearing her glasses, it revealed her blue eyes. Well, it resulted in her to be an extremely beautiful girl. 

Shockingly, she seems to have a really good sense of fashion. Usually, Kae wears fashionable and cute clothes, whenever she is out. Although, she wore the clothes of her best friend.

  • Kae’s Personality 

Kae is a girl with a really carefree character. She prefers to go with the flow of things. She doesn’t mind the small information. Also, she thinks and states herself as she is a bit easy to figure out. 

At some moments, she takes on many of her traits before weight loss. Like her small eyes, the occasional sly smile, and heavy sweating. She can accomplish various extraordinary feats, depending on the dedication and the situation relative to her “otaku-level”. For instance, helping the soccer team of girls win never even having played soccer before. 

Nozomu Nanashima 

Nana is the nickname for Nozomu Nanashima. He is a second-year high school student and one of four boys who is trying to gain ‘Kae Serinuma’ desire and the older brother of Kirari Nanashima, whom he likes and takes care of.

  • His Appearance 

Nana has messy blonde hair, pale amber eyes, and a slightly muscular physique. Besides this, He dresses in a plain white shirt, with sleeves rolled to his forearms, red tie, and brown slack.

One of the most prominent features is that he looks extremely similar to “Shion”, a bad boy character from a fictional anime named “Mirage Saga”.

Furthermore, Nana saw Kae as a classmate at first. However, when Kae appeared with the new look Nana was smitten. Due to an immediate crush, he always tries to spend time with her.

  • Personality 

Nanashima is a Jolly and lackadaisical guy who is easy to get along with and he is adored by pretty much his whole class, where he is also considered one of the most popular students in school, especially when paired with his best friend. 

Moreover, he tends to have no tact when speaking and has been arrogant on more than one occasion without even realizing it. He is one of the favorite from Kiss Him, Not Me characters

Yusuke Lgarashi

Igarashi is also a second-year high school student. He is also trying to win Kae’s affection like other guys.

  • His Appearance

Igarashi is a tanned complexion teenage boy with light yellow-green eyes, dark green hair, and thick eyebrows. His body is well maintained due to him being in top physical shape as a school soccer player.

  • His Personality

Yusuki has a competitive personality when we talk about sports and especially when he tries to win over Kae. Whereas, he is kind of jealous whenever there is a romantic scene of Kae and one of his rivals. He just does not like anyone alone with Kae. Moreover, people often think of him as a kind guy having two sides

End Point  

The anime Manga series, Kiss Him, Not Me, is a really famous series in Japan. It also won an award at the Manga Awards. It is a romantic as well as a comedy series. The series has a great and astonishing storyline.  

It is about some second-year students. A girl, Kae, has a character of easy going. She goes with the flow. Also, it is shown that many boys are trying to reach out to her in the show. The Kiss Him, Not Me Characters are just amazing.

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