God of War 5: All the Latest Updates to Know


COVID-19 pandemic gave us time to catch up with all the movies and seasons in a few months. Video game lovers used this spare time by playing their favorite video games. They are always curious to know about the new possible releases in the gaming world. 

Here’s the good news for video game fans, you will be getting a new game this year. The upcoming video game is God of War 5, planned to be released along with the PlayStation 5. Most of you will be excited to know about all the updates about this game. This article mentions details about this video game. Here are the main updates about the god of war5. 

What is the God of War Series? 

Those of you who aren’t familiar with this video game series should consider giving it a try. God of war is a famous video game that was first released on March 22, 2005. It was published under the Santa Monica Studio developer. The director is Cory Barlog and written by Matt Sophos, Richard Zangrande Gaubert, and Cory Barlog. The game received a great response from the public. 

Most of the video games are based upon Greek history. The God of war series depicts Norse mythology, which is a significant part of history. This type of mythology consists of numerous gods in the background. Thor is a humanitarian, Odin knows about all the worlds that exist. So it must be clear to you that this series consists of many superheroes that were a part of Norse mythology. 

This video game also has two main characters in it. One character is a Greek god of war Kratos, and the other one is his son Atreus. Both of them pass through different survival phases in Norse mythology. 

Expected Plot For God of War 5 

god of war 5

The last release of this series was on April 20, 2018.  Santa Monica studios made a slight announcement on the upcoming sequel to this series, the God of war 5. This video game is based on the action, adventure, and thriller genre. This sequel will have the same characters as the Kratos and his son Atreus. 

In the last release, the Kratos experienced the death of his second wife, who was Atreus’ mother. Kratos made a promise to his wife to spread her ashes at the top of the nine kingdoms. So, he kept this secret from his son Atreus. Both the father and the son kept on fighting with different gods and monsters throughout the game.

It is expected that the director Cory Barlog will be adding up the leftover assets from the last game. He said in an interview about the frightening bird scene, which was removed in the 2018 release due to a shortage of time. So you can expect to see this dynamic father and son duo fighting with a bird having demonic possession. 

You will also be seeing Atreus questioning his father about his mother’s legacy. The most famous scene was at the end when Thor came to Kratos and told him there’s something bigger coming up. It gave the public a signal that there’s a lot more to expect in the new release. 

Kratos and Atreus will be facing a lot of violence and brutality due to the death of Baldur in the god of war 5. It will give rise to a Ragnarok’s concept, which means the deaths of many gods in the Norse world. 

Release Date For God of War 5 

Playstation 5 has been circulating in the news for the last couple of days. This video game will be released this year. People are waiting to get their hands on this thriller video game. On the other hand, they are also waiting for the announcements of new video games along with PlayStation 5.

God of war 5 is planned to be introduced with the release of PlayStation 5. Santa Monica gave a hint to the public by saying that the god of war 5 is in the process of development. The final date is still not announced yet. God of war 5 will be available on PlayStation 5 like the previous ones. 

Why Should You Buy This Video Game? 

god of war 5

It is essential to know the reasons before buying a new video game. Well, the God of War series has been an absolute blockbuster for the gaming world. So certainly, the new series of this video game will be full of adventures around every corner Storyboard Artists

It is also very close to the real world as it beautifully displays the relationship between a father and his son. All the thrilling fun and adventure comes from the different types of gods and the characteristics of Kratos. 

If you have played the previous parts, you will observe that it has been developed like a single shot. There’s no cut end between the scenes, so it gives a steady touch to the story play in the game. The graphics are also very fascinating, and the background sound makes it an incredible experience. 

Recognition In The Gaming World 

The last release of this series in 2018 broke the sales record across the globe. It was the first purchased video game in the market. This series has also won several awards like Game Of The Year Award from different publishers in multiple events. 


Technical experts called this game a marvelous effort due to its camera work, art direction, storytelling, characters, and cinematic touch. Publishers have praised this game because of the swing between the combat and the storytelling moments. It is a single-player game so you can enjoy every combat moment with the real touch to life. 

It was all about the recent updates and expectations from the upcoming part 5 of the god of war game. It would be better to try out the previous parts if you haven’t done it yet. It will help you to understand the details mentioned in this article.

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