How to Type the Backwards 3 Symbol in an Easy Way?

backwards 3

The backward 3 has become a prominent symbol for the current generation. People have been using it on social platforms for the last few years. This Backward 3 is also called a capital ‘E’. Individuals sometimes get in an urge to use it in documents, they get confused about how to type it. It is because of the reason that there is no such symbol on the keyboard. 

Therefore, to make it easier for individuals to use it in their work, texts, or documents. This content provides you some of the easiest ways to type backwards 3. 

The Message of Symbol

In the age of Nokia, touch screen mobile phones were too expensive for teenagers and average people. Individuals often used the backward 3 or reverse 3 with ‘>’ symbol, which looked like a heart representing a symbol of love, to show the intimate bond toward a person. 

Moreover, you would also see the current generation and celebrities using this symbol of love on Twitter and other social media platforms. As they assume that it makes their statuses and captions appear cool to the audience. However, it is not only a symbol of love, there is a lot more to it. 

The Reality of Backward 3

The backward 3 also known as the E symbol, is a mark with a vertical line. The vertical is often above it and sometimes below it. However, it doesn’t have to be a vertical line. It can be a mere point as well. People have been bringing many styles to enhance the writing style of a word. Thus, it is one of those styles. 

Moreover, it is one of the variables like x, y, and z. In the Mathematics language, the backward 3 is Sigma which means sum up. Whereas, in Physics it denotes the electric permittivity of free space, or sometimes an error as well. Thus, when it comes to Mathematics or Physics, this symbol is a Greek word.

Quick and Easy Way

If you are in some hurry to use this symbol; ε. You can simply copy from here and paste it on the page you like to insert. Also, it will save you precious time. Moreover, if you want to seek a way to type it on your own, you should keep reading this content further. 

Additionally, this content would embark upon the possible ways, you can type this symbol on your PC, laptop, and mobile phone either it is IOS or Android.

Using a Website or App

In the era of modern technology, experts have been inventing many new applications and websites for the sake of an individual’s ease. A similar thing goes for the audience who is looking for ways to type the backward 3. Now, you do not need to worry at all or do any research about its ways. You can seek any upside-down text generator and change word, letter, or even a sentence. 

To use this website or application, you will have to type the letter or word in the ‘insert text’ box on that website. Additionally, you would get an option about selecting any one of the two or both of the options. Thus, one of them is about reversing the letter or word, while the other is about flipping the text and that is the upside-down text effect.  

Typing on Mobile Phones

If you have got a mobile phone in your hand and want to text your beloved one using the symbol of the heart. Finding a reverse 3 can become a bit difficult. However, there are some ways by which you can use it quite easily.

backwards 3

You can copy it (ε) from here and paste it in the text you are typing. After that, you can find this ‘>’ symbol in your mobile phone’s keypad and add it next to reverse 3. So, it will look like a heart; ε>.  You can do the same on a laptop and personal computer as well. So, you would not need to do any effort for it. 

Backward 3 on Laptop and PC

The quickest way to type the Backward 3 is by turning on your laptop or PC and opening any blank document page. The next thing you need to do is type ‘0190’ on the page and then click the ‘Alt’ along with ‘X’. You would be amazed by looking at a fine 3 that turns out to be reverse. 

This code way is quite simple. So, you can try it at any time on any blank document page. Although you just need to make sure about one thing that the document should be new and blank. 

Another Option

There is also another way to type the backward 3 if in case the previous code method does not work. Starting right from turning on your device you must open any document like MS Word, Excel, or even Google Docs. 

Here the document does not need to be new or blank. You can place the reverse 3 wherever you desire to. For that, you need to click the insert option from the toolbar of a document. The next step is to click insert symbols or the options can vary in special characters or symbols. As you will click that option, you would see a variety of marks. 

backwards 3

If you do not find the backward 3 marks there, you can draw it in the box that would be right there, available to help you find any sign. After clicking the sign you would see it in your document. 


In brief, the vast technology has brought many ways to type the reverse 3. Some of them are a bit efficient while the other is not.  You can choose any of the above-mentioned ways, whichever seems convenient to you. 

Moreover, the use of a specific website to reverse or flip the text is preferably fair. As it helps you save time and energy. Also, you can access it anywhere, anytime. Hence, you can now easily make the reverse 3 symbols.

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