Where to Watch the Steven Universe Episodes KissCartoon?


Steven Universe is an American animated cartoon show. It is created by Rebecca Sugar. It is one of the first series created solely by a woman. The show focuses on the story of a young boy Steven, who is the youngest member of the Crystal Gems. Crystal Gems are humanoid and magical creatures namely Pearl, Garnet, and Amethyst. They live in the fictional town of Beach City. Steven is a half-Gem, while Gems are magical guardians who protect the Earth. He helps their friends in protecting the world from their kind.

Steven Universe: TV Series

The Steven universe series comprises five seasons. The pilot was first shown on Rebecca’s father’s youtube channel on May 21, 2013. Cartoon Network officially premiered the show on their channel on November 4, 2013. Later it was released gradually in parts of the US, Asia, and South America. Season 2 was released in July 2015. 

However, the seasons were subdivided to create four seasons of shorter length. The finale and the fifth series ‘Change Your Mind’ released on January 21, 2019. Finally, the series has 5 seasons and 160 episodes. You can watch by searching Steven Universe episodes kisscartoon. It’s an online website that streams several cartoons and movies.

Steven Universe: The Movie

Steven universe

In 2018, it was announced that a film adaptation of the series, with the title Steven Universe: The movie, will be coming out. It was broadcasted on 2 September in 2019 on the Cartoon Network channel. It’s a musical television film based on the series that runs at approximately 82 minutes long. The DVD set along with the soundtrack was released on November 12, 2019.

The story continues 2 years after the events of ‘Change of Mind’. Here Steven is 16 years old in a world with new developments. Furthermore, he faces new challenges when a threat comes to Beach City. The movie had collaborations with several new as well as regular music contributors. Many new musical artists were behind the voices of the characters. Watch Steven Universe: The movie online at Kisscartoon’s website. It’s the best site for watching cartoons, tv series, and movies for free.

Steven Universe Future

This is also an American animated limited series created by Rebecca Sugar. It’s an epilogue to the 2013 to 2019 Steven series and follows up movie. The Steven Universe Future focuses on the aftermath of the events of Steven’s universe. It was first aired on Cartoon Network on 7 December 2019 and concluded on March 27, 2020. Many websites are available to watch the steven universe online.

Here, Steven got rid of previous threats of war between the Crystal Gems and Homeworld. He now focuses on his new life objectives. The series depicts disappointments and challenges that Steven faces in his new life along with helping Gems to find a new purpose. The audience praises the series design, music, voice, characters, and the prominence of LGBT themes. Moreover, it also promotes mental health awareness by Steven’s treatment of psychological trauma. Using Google, type steven universe episodes kisscartoon.

Steven is standing with radio

Where to Watch the Animated Series/Movie?

The Steven series has a broad fanbase all around the world. It’s popular for its design, voice, characters, music, and Sci-Fi worldbuilding. It also has a special prominence of LGBT themes. The main focus of the series is on family, love, and healthy interpersonal relationships. Furthermore, the inspiration for the lead character ‘Steven’ is from Rebecca’s younger brother who’s the artist behind the series. You can also find video games, books, and comics based on the series.

The Steven Universe series as well as the movie is available on many platforms. Some websites offer it for free while you need to sign up for a few. Here are a few sites that you can consider.


KissCartoon is an online streaming site for cartoons. It’s a kind of a large phonebook where you can find a variety of content to watch. It has more than 5,000 cartoons available. You can find very popular cartoons such as Scooby-Doo, Batman, Tom and Jerry, Justice League, Looney Tunes, X-Men, etc on their website. 

Additionally, you can also find Steven universe episodes kisscartoon. The content here is available for free. Along with that, the site consists of ads. However, with ad-blocking software, you can turn them off. The website is fast and works fine without any delays.


Steven Universe

The Steven Series is also available on HBO. although, you need to sign up for it before. This service charges $15 per month for its access to the complete Steven Universe library. HBO offers a 7-day free trial for its customers before charging the monthly subscriptions. The content here is of amazing quality. You’ll have a wide range of content to watch.

However, if you don’t want to spend money on the subscription, consider watching the first four seasons of the Steven series on Hulu. Avail Hulu’s month-long free trial to watch the animated show. Each episode is 12 minutes long which is easy to watch in a month. 

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime also has all the seasons and episodes of the series on its site. The only drawback is that it allows individual purchases. They have split-up the five seasons into seven parts. Part 1-3 are available at $3 per episode and $25 per season. Whereas, part 7 is available at $19 for the whole season.

Amazon Prime provides high-quality services and the best deals for its customers. However, the prices, details, or availability of the content may change anytime.


You can find the show on Netflix too. But before that, you need to sign up for a monthly subscription. Unlike Amazon, you don’t need to purchase single episodes here. You need to pay once a month and watch other content too. Netflix also provides an option to share screens with your friends.


The Steven Universe is an addictive show. Its episodes are short enough to pull off easily. The plot is attention-seeking and very interesting. Be it, children or adults, people of all ages love the show. The Steven Universe is a family show, which also won several awards for its exceptional plot and characterization.

It’s available on many different sites where you can binge-watch it with your friends and family. It’s appropriate for all ages. The show portrays the image of an all-female household, along with pointing out all the good plus bad points. If you haven’t watched it up till now, consider watching today.

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