All You Need To Know About Nintendo Switch And It’s Best Sale Deals

Nintendo Switch
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The Nintendo Switch is considered the world’s best-selling video game console. The Nintendo switch deals have taken a hit in the US and UK this year. They are seemingly wiping out of stock across several retailers. However, you can find Nintendo on Amazon right now but you have to wait until February for shipping. Thus, if you are reading this chances are that you have noticed the demand for Nintendo switch deals is high. From some retailers, both the switch and the switch lite have been low on stock. 

There is a good reason that the Nintendo Switch is in short supply. With its hybrid console, Nintendo nailed it this year. Since Nintendo’s launch in 2017, the sales have been consistently high. It is a wireless handheld device, unlike the Playstation and Xbox. Moreover, there is another insanely popular product of Nintendo, the Nintendo 3DS. This device can be docked or connected to a TV and you can play it in the normal home console style. Moreover, you can find the best Nintendo Switch deals around right now. 

Nintendo Switch Cheap Deals

The Nintendo Switch price in the USA is $299 and in the UK it is  £279. Therefore, you may be tempted at the moment to pay a premium to get your hands on such an in-demand console. But if you are on a budget at the moment then it is not possible to pay $349 for just a console. Therefore, in this article, you will know where to find it at the cheapest prices. Fortunately, you can get cheap switch black Friday deals and enjoy. 

Cheapest Nintendo Switch Deals

Cheap Deals
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You can get the cheapest Nintendo Switch deals at Amazon, one of the greatest websites of this era for online shopping. The items are listed below with the prices.

  • You can get a Nintendo Switch with Neon Blue and Red Joy-con-HAC-001(-01) at just $299.
  • Nintendo Switch with Gray Joy-con-HAC-001(-01) is available at $299.
  • A neon red and neon blue Nintendo Switch is also available at $368.99.
  • For just $373.97 you can get Nintendo Switch with neon red and neon blue Joy-Con-HAC 001.
  • Moreover, you can get the Nintendo Switch 5 items Bundle. This bundle includes Nintendo Switch 32GB Console Neon Red and Blue at just $489.
  • You can get a lot more at Amazon. Hence, you just have to visit the site and explore some of the amazing deals yourself.

Best Nintendo Switch Lite Deals

If you are after a cheaper alternative, you can find a Nintendo Switch Lite for about $199 only. However, this is only a handheld console and does not dock. Moreover, it does not feature a detachable Joy-Con. You can get a Nintendo Switch Lite at just $199 at Amazon. Moreover, it comes in four colors. The colors are blue, yellow, gray, and coral pink. Furthermore, this is the season of discounts hence you must look for Nintendo switch black Friday deals.

Nintendo Switch Bundles 

You can often find a much better value in Nintendo Switch bundles. However, these bundles offer discount games or peripherals alongside the purchase of the Nintendo Switch console. Therefore, you can save an excellent value of money.

Nintendo Switch

Amazon is the only retailer right now that does have a stock of Nintendo Switch stock at $299. However, Amazon would not ship this Switch console until February 2021. Therefore, it might be worth it if you grab one now and ensure it will reach you in a couple of months. However, you can always cancel your order as more units can arrive in the meantime. 

Animal Crossing Edition

Amazon has reinstalled the Animal Crossing Edition back on its shelves. But like the stock above it would not ship this edition until February. Therefore, it is worth it if you put your name down just in case more special editions would not be available in the next couple of months. Thus, you can get this amazing deal at just $299 from Amazon.

Nintendo Switch + 128GB memory card

You can get a Nintendo Switch with a 128GB memory card at just $322.98 from Amazon although its real price is $334.98. Therefore, you can save some cash when you grab a 128GB memory card. But you must keep in mind that this bundle ships after Christmas.

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

Thanks to the Nintendo switch black Friday deals that The Nintendo Switch Pro controller is finally on discount. Therefore, you can get this deal just at &59.99 at Best Buy instead of its real price that is &69.99. Hence, you can save up to $10 on this one. However, this controller is perfect if you prefer a traditional gaming experience. Moreover, this premium piece of kit rarely sees a discount throughout the year. Hence, you might not want to miss the chance of getting the controller.

Nintendo Switch Lego games At Argos

Argos is one of the few retailers that is offering Nintendo Switch lego games with actual savings. You can get this bundle at just  £298.98. Moreover, you will save £5 on bundle price with a wide range of lego games. The bundle includes more expensive lego worlds and lego movie titles to some cheaper lego city undercover and lego ninja movie games.


In conclusion, just because you see a Nintendo Switch Bundle at a cheap price does not mean that it is a good deal. Moreover, you must shop for Nintendo Switch around the holiday period. At this time bundles are at a higher value when they include discounted prices. The Nintendo switch is over three years old and there is almost an ecosystem of its accessories. 

Moreover, you can get these bundles, accessories including case controllers, and customized tools available for the switch at Amazon, Agarose, and at Best Buy. So search for Friday sales and order it right now for yourself or if you want to give it to someone you know who loves games this Christmas.

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