Why Do Users Prefer To Watch Movies On Thiruttu Movies?

Thiruttu Movies
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Movies and films have always been sources of entertainment. Previously there were cinemas, people used to visit there now and then. With time, CDs came into existence. Progress made in science causes a great impact on our daily life too.  Now the internet becomes an integral part of giving access to everything. You can watch, enjoy, explore anything you want. Besides, chances to have joy in leisure time also increased. As in the past, there was only one channel, and programs were telecast only once. 

So you had to wait long for your favorite show. But now you can enjoy and cheer up with friends and family anywhere anytime. Either you like to watch a movie or comedy show, etc. If you do not know how to download any film or especially Tamil movie, Thiruttumovies will resolve this issue.

Convenient Access

Thiruttu is a Tamil language word. Everyone has a different choice of taste. If you like to watch Tamil movies, thiruttumovie is a great hub to make your free time memorable. Most users prefer to watch movies on thiruttumovies.  As it is the best site to watch old or latest Tamil movies.

Easy access for every user throughout the world. Uniqueness is that you can watch all the latest Tamil movies on this site easily. It allows easy access to users to watch newly launched Tamil movies. The motive of this website is to create an environment where any user can have fun without spending a penny.

Various Menu Options

The history of thiruttu movies is not very long. This site launched and started its work just a few years ago. At first, this site only Tamil movies. And there were not many users of the internet at that time. Besides, people were unaware of this movie site. Later, as internet usage increased exponentially, this site also renovated menu options. By adding flavor for all genres, this site gains traffic. As a result,  it grabs more users. 

Now users can download files according to taste and interest while searching in the menu bar. Categories made keeping in mind interest for different age groups. Either you are young or elder, you can head over to this site to refresh your mind and have great enjoyment.

Vast Collection

The menu has a vast collection for users who like to watch Tamil and Tamil dubbed films. Users prefer to download thiruttu movies, as they can pick a choice.  Even users can choose movies based on their releasing years for instance 2020 Tamil HD movies, 2019 Tamil HD movies, 2018 Tamil HD movies, etc. Moreover, categorization is as follows: Vikram Movies collection, Dhanush, Surya, Simba, Jeeva, Vishal, and many more Movies collection. Hence for every age group and taking into consideration flavors of the different genres this forum is open for everyone.

Promotion and Earning

While searching for your favorite movie, you may see similar pictures related to the title and other aspects of the film. Be careful to select the desired option. They are advertisements and are meant for promotion. As this is a source of income for thiruttu movies.  

This site also does promotional activities because traffic is the main factor to make the site popular. The income of any website depends on traffic and ads popping up on that site. Also, there is income from pay per click which increases users as well as income.

Popular Torrent Website

Popular Torrent Website
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Thiruttumovies is a popular site for watching Tamil movies. This is a torrent website that allows users to select and download preferred movies. Without spending a coin, users can download movies and enjoy them anytime. Torrent is a popular file-sharing portal that works on peer to peer technique.

Its users are increasing day by day. The main reasons are users have access to famous and old movies and they can download it without paying any sort of charges.

How to Download Thiruttu Movie

When you search for thiruttu movies, you will see ads coming up and this may confuse you. Ads are meant to attract users and it is also a source of income. Mistakenly if the user clicks the ad, the user will be directed to a new tab and in return, the site gets its income.

There are many proxies available for this site. If you have to download the best movie you like then first choose a related proxy for thiruttu movies. It can  be .site, .pro, . io etc. After choosing a matched proxy, look up your favorite Tamil movie. Be careful with ads. Scroll over the movie and click the download button. If this did not work do not panic and just refresh the page.

Movie Size and Quality 

The main reason users like this website, it’s quick and easy to understand. During downloading, the main issue is net speed and space in your drive or computer. Select the size according to your need. Here on thiruttumovies site, various sizes are available ranging from 300 MB to 4GB.

While downloading a movie check carefully the movie size and quality ranges. You may spend a lot of time and take up much space but the film is of poor quality. Thiruttu movies provide you options ranging BluRay, 360, 1080, BRrip, 480, and other quality ranges. So select a good one.

User’s Preference

From a hectic routine, everyone wants a break. Watching a movie or show is the best entertainment. Because it refreshes your mind along with making you aware of society. Users prefer to select and download a movie from thiruttumovie websites as this site allows access to download a film of your choice. Thus providing you time-saving opportunities. Best picture quality and compatible size is also another edge. Moreover, no extra charges to pay for downloading any movie or film.


In short, this article is for awareness purposes, to let you know about its functionality. If you want to watch every latest, new or old Tamil movie then the site is available for you. You can download any movie. Choose picture quality and size according to your taste. There are many other portals for watching and downloading movies. But free of cost portals are rare

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