Staying Fit in the Summer with Jasmine Tea – Tips & Tricks

Summer with Jasmine Tea
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With summer in full swing and the sun glaring gloriously down, it is more important than ever to make sure that you maintain that killer summer bod and stay fit for the season! We all know about exercise, and we all know about the healthy balanced diet, but did you know that a particular type of tea can have a massive impact on a fitness regime?

That’s right, we’re talking about the amazing properties of jasmine tea! If you have never had it before, either in jasmine tea bags or as loose leaf tea, then you are really missing out. With the success of your summer fitness goals in mind, here are some helpful tips and tricks for using Jasmine tea as a key component of your health regime in the summer season.

Full Of Antioxidants

Jasmine tea is particularly loaded with something called polyphenols, and polyphenols act as antioxidants in our body that protect your cells against oxidative damage and stress which lead to all kinds of problems (associated with damage caused by free radicals). This kind of protection offers benefits against things like heart disease and even several types of cancer. In terms of helping with your summer body regime, jasmine tea can encourage things like weight loss, succeeding in keeping you beach ready all year round!

Weight Loss

Want to know more about the weight loss benefit? Several studies have suggested that Jasmine tea can aid weight loss because it helps to speed up your metabolism, so much so that it can make up for about 100 calories burnt per day. When trying to keep fit in the summer, these extra burnt calories can add up to help you keep the body that you have worked so hard for!

Heart Protection

The cornerstone of all good fitness is having a healthy heart, and Jasmine tea can help with heart health thanks once again to its high polyphenol levels. Various studies have demonstrated that drinking Jasmine tea on a regular basis can lower the risk of developing heart disease. The healthier your heart is, the better you will be able to perform all of the other fitness tasks that come together to keep you fit and ripped during the summer months.

Good Oral Health

Summer fitness isn’t just about the visual state of your body, it’s also about making sure that every element of your health is as good as it can be. And if you are hoping for some summer love, then you definitely want to guarantee good oral health for the odd smooch here and there! Once again, those magical polyphenols in Jasmine tea have been proven to be able to fight against tooth decay by killing the bacteria in your mouth that can turn into damaging plaque. If you have too much acid in your mouth, then it can be detrimental to your teeth’s enamel, but Jasmine tea can stop that acid from being produced altogether.

Boosted Brain Function

You definitely want all of your wits about you when it comes to making the most of the hot summer, and Jasmine tea also has the ability to boost your brain function. It is a good source of caffeine, with between 15 to 60 mg per cup depending on how long you brew your tea, and this will help to stimulate your nervous system and boost your brain activity. Just a couple of cups of JXXXXXX tea per day can make you feel more energized and alert, and your short term memory will be improved so you can collect more memories of the summer, whether you want to remember some questionable decisions or not!

So, if you think that Jasmine tea is something you would benefit from in your own summer fitness programmed, then head to your favorite online tea and coffee shop to find it. Being one of the most popular teas on the market, it will always be readily available, likely in both tea bags and loose leaf forms. You may have never had it before in any meaningful way but get ready for Jasmine tea to become an indispensable part of your everyday life!

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