How to Properly Store Your Premium Quality CBD Flower

CBD Flower

There has been an astronomical increase in the way CBD has been used since the passage of the Agricultural Farm Bill. This is especially among young people in and outside the country.

This natural compound from the cannabis plant offers so many health benefits and this is why people are using it. For more on this subject, you can visit: Usnews.com

However, there are certain things many people do not understand about the use of CBD flowers. As a result, they end up making the wrong decision or not getting the best of cannabidiol. The appropriate way to store it is one such decision.

This is something that is very important and that you should be aware of. It is for this reason you are advised to keep reading as we discuss the proper way to store your CBD flower.

The First Rule of Storage

Yes! There is a first and very golden rule of storage. It is the need to get a good product in the first place. The quality of the product you get largely determines how long the product can stay. This is why you should be deliberate about finding and getting premium quality CBD flowers and other cannabidiol products.

Doing so would mean you are sure the manufacturer has done a good job storing the product from their end. A good product will also come with packaging that allows for easy and effective storage. So, get the right product.

The Proper Way to Store CBD Flower

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There are some dos and don’ts that you have to adhere to if your CBD flower will remain intact. Some of them are listed and explained below:

Use the Right Package

Some packages help the product retain its potency, shelf life, and even taste. On the contrary, some packages are a no-no because they do not help the Cannabidiol content stay in the right shape and state.

We have gathered that glass jars are a lot better than many other packages. We strongly advise that this is the option you buy and use for storage. The popular Mason jar is one of the best options you can lay your hands on.

The right glass jar should have air-tight qualities. This is because exposure to oxygen will degrade the product’s quality. So, go for something that has air-tight features.

This also means that you should avoid opening the jar unnecessarily. It should be well sealed with the cap all the time.

Furthermore, it is better if the glass option is colored. This means that it should not be transparent. The reason is because of the adverse effects of UltraViolet light on the cannabidiol compound.

Your CBD concentration stands a better chance when kept in a colored glass jar. The reason is that the UltraViolet light will have a hard time penetrating the glass jar and affecting the cannabidiol. You can learn more about the effects of light on cannabinoids here.

We did explain that some packages are not too ideal for the proper storage of CBD. Well, plastic options are the major culprits here.

Many manufacturers are using it for some reason. For instance, it seems like a more cost-effective approach to packaging for them. However, it does not guarantee proper storage as glass jars would. So, you might want to avoid it.

If you decide to go for plastic packages or anything else for whatever reason, make sure the manufacturer has made plans to help out. For instance, the interior part of the package should not be sticky. The reason is that it causes the CBD concentration to disintegrate and lose potency amongst other things.

You should also go for something that shields the Terpene very well. A glass package with features that shields the CBD Terpene is equally good.

Store it in the Right Place

Many people have come to realize the enormous benefits of CBD flowers and other cannabidiol products. However, you should understand that this valuable natural compound can only thrive in certain conditions.

Exposing it to the wrong conditions will adversely affect its effectiveness, taste, and shelf life. So, you should make sure yours is only kept in the right place. In light of this, where should your CBD flower be kept?

It should be kept somewhere cool. A place with atmospheric conditions between 25 -30 degrees Celsius should do. Anything other than this poses a threat. So, make sure it is stored in the right place.

Speaking of places where yours should not be kept, the refrigerator is one of those places. Many people make the mistake of storing theirs in there. The temperature inside the refrigerator is not ideal for your cannabidiol. So, do not keep it there.

We only advise using the refrigerator for cooked meals that have CBD flowers in them. For example, you can keep baked goods in the refrigerator if you added a CBD flower concentration to it. Other than this, your CBD flower should not be kept in the refrigerator.

Do Not Expose it Unnecessarily

You should make sure your cannabidiol concentration is not exposed unnecessarily. This means that the content should be sealed in an air-tight package when not in use.

Some people make the mistake of leaving the package open thereby exposing it to oxidation. This is not good for your CBD flower.

So, make sure your package is only open when you need to take some of the flower strain. This is the right way to go about it.

Everything we’ve looked at above will be rendered moot if the original product is not of the best quality. To this end, it is important that you do indeed go for premium quality products. You can check out Cheefbotanicals hemp flower guide for help with making the right choice.


You need to properly store your CBD flower even if you get a premium quality product. This is how the product’s effectiveness, shelf life, and taste will be preserved. We have discussed some of the measures you should take in this article and advise that you make informed decisions going forward.

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