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How To Host A Great Bridal Shower

How To Host A Great Bridal Shower

Getting married is one of the most important days of a woman’s life, so it makes sense that she enjoys every second of it. Aside from the wedding day though, yet another event that is also important, is the bridal shower. It is important because it is an event where the bride’s friends will be able to gather and give gifts to the bride. If you are the bride’s maid of honor, you will be expected to plan the whole event. This might be a bit hard, but don’t panic. You just need the right plan. Here are some tips on how to host a bridal shower.

1. Make The Event A Surprise

If you are going to prepare the bridal shower, it should be a surprise. While this is not really a necessary aspect of a bridal shower, it should still be a surprise.  

Remember that the more surprised the bride is, the more of a success the whole event will be. Make sure if you have people join the event, you should make sure that you hold them to secrecy. Make them promise to keep their mouths shut on the matter. 

2. Have A Set Theme

If you are going to organize the bridal shower, it is always a good idea to choose a set theme for the event.

The theme could be practically about anything,however, you should make sure that the theme matches the bride’s overall personality.  For example, the bride is a bibliophile. In this case, you could hold the event at a library or a bookstore. When you choose a set theme, you should make sure that you follow it as consistently as possible. You don’t want to have a bridal shower  theme that confuses the bride in the long run.

3. Set A Time And Place

When you plan out the bridal shower, it is important that you have a set time and place for it. The time should correspond with your overall plan and everyone who takes part in the plan should be able to attend and follow the schedule.  Before you set a time and place for the event, you should check with the other members of the group. Remember that while you may be the one who plans the party, you are also asking them for financial help.  As a rule, you should also make sure that you hear them out too.

4. Get The Bride’s Friends Involved

While the bridal shower should be a surprise for the bride, this does not mean that you should do the whole thing by yourself. If you want to make the bridal shower as special as possible, you should ask other friend’s of the bride. This will allow you to coordinate with them and have them help out with the event. By having the bride’s friend’s help out, you won’t have to do a majority of the work.

5. Have A Set Budget

If you want to make the bride’s wedding shower possible, you should make sure that you follow a set budget. Remember that setting up any party is a costly one. If you don’t have a set budget, you should make sure that you write down all your potential expenses. By doing so, you will at least know how much money is expected of you and the other participants in the event.

If you want to make sure you don’t spend too much on the event, you should make sure that you follow the set budget to the best of your abilities. The bride should have the best party possible, but you and your friends should not spend all your money just to achieve this goal.

6. Get The Gifts Ready

If you are going to have all the guests give the bride gifts, you should make sure that the bride actually likes them. As a rule, you should subtly ask the bride what gifts she might want. However, if the bride is not too quick to fool, you may still give her gifts that are both fun and indicative of her status as a bride. 

7. Have A Great Menu Ready

An Important aspect of setting up a bridal shower is the food. Remember that the better quality the food, the more entertaining the party will be. However, if you are going to serve food to your guests, you should make sure that the menu is cohesive and not too heavy. 

You could have the food catered, or you could have the food prepared by you and your friends to save money. Just make sure that you use gloves, and get a good amount of hand sanitizers for the party. You don’t want to contaminate the food, and give everyone food poisoning.

8. Get A Nice Multimedia Setup Ready

If you want to make the party extra special, you should also invest in a great multimedia setup. Remember that you will need music in the party. You will also need a large screen where you will be able to shoe clips of the bride. Think of the video as a shortage to the bride. If you want to ensure that all your presentations are well-presented, you should have a multi-media set up at the ready. You could ask the place you are renting if they have one, or if you have the budget, you could invest in one for yourself. If you want top quality laptops, projectors, and speakers, you should check with Match-sourcing. The Chinese sourcing agent  is more than capable of giving you great sources for these items.


If you are going to host a bridal shower, you should have a set plan. Remember that this an important aspect of a bride’s life, so you should plan it as thoroughly as possible. With these tips, you’ll be able to set up  a truly great bridal shower.

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