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Natasha Negovanlis aka Natvanlis Twitter Account?


Remember Carmilla from the web series Carmilla

That role was played by Natasha Negovanlis who is a Canadian actress and writer. She is most famous for playing Carmilla Karnstein in the web series Carmilla from 2014 till 2016. Also, she is commonly known as Natvanlis on her social accounts. Further, she is very active in her Twitter account.


 Professional Career Of Natasha Negovanlis

Although before acting professionally, Natvanlis or Natasha studied musical theatre & film at Wexford Collegiate School for the Arts in Toronto. She specialized in Voice Performance at the Schulin School of Music at McGill University in Montreal. 

Social Interaction

Natasha is very active in her social accounts. Actually she is proactive on Twitter. @Natvanlis has 117.6k followers on her Twitter account. Her twitter account is a platform for her through which she directly interacts with her fans. Furthermore, she also shares her thoughts on her account.

Natasha also shares a lot with her fans on her Twitter account like others. She shares about her upcoming projects too.

What can you Find on @Natvanlis Account?

She is very humble to her fans and people also love her a lot. Here we have an image that one of her loved ones shared with her. Natasha posted it to show her affection towards fans.

Other than this, she mostly talks about the latest updates and issues that revolve around her. Natasha enjoys a social account with her friends & fans club. Additionally, she actively participates in the latest issues like the #Metoo movement, Women?s rights, Quarantine Days, etc.



Natasha is very humble in nature. You can visit her Twitter account @natvanlis for the latest updates & current issues too. So, during the leisure time, you can entertain yourself by joining her as she also entertains by making fun & jokes

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